Happy First Birthday Everyone

Tomorrow we will celebrate Julia’s birthday capping a year of firsts like smiles, dances, aquarium visits, piano playing. 

For me, It’s been a year of baby hugs, lots of laughter, and breastfeeding in cars, parks, trains and planes. On mountain tops and in opera houses. A year of night rocking and the hilarious things one does during the daytime on little or no sleep. A year of feeling like the grinch because my heart grew three sizes bigger. 

April 1st will be just another day for Julia of snuggles, playtime and yummy food to eat and throw on the floor. So happy birthday celebration to those who have jumped headfirst into raising a whole mini human from scratch who is sweet and smart, and whose happiness is intoxicating and addictive. 
To Matteo who thrills Julia and introduced her to classical music, the importance of counting toes, daily games of hide and seek, and cappuccino making. Happy year celebration to Angela who made the first few weeks of parenthood so much smoother and taught us to put a baby to bed. To Patsy who gave (among many things) beautiful shoes for first steps. Frank who gave (among many things) a play mat where we tumble, read and learn all day. Jayne for helping keep this girl in soft, pink clothes. Luigi and Gianluca for being wonderful playmates in person and on FaceTime. 
Happy one year celebration to us all. Except for sweet Julia who will play with her favorite toys, eat her favorite foods and enthrall us all just like any other day of the year. 

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