I bought a few key pieces that I will wear for the next year. It feels like every second counts when baby is hungry and I have no regrets when it comes to buying nursing clothes that make getting ready for a feeding just a bit quicker. I bought soft, non-binding pieces to fit right away and 15 pounds later.

Below is a link to my favorite dress and my solo advice to skip nursing bras.

Japanese Weekend Dress – I have this in both colors. It is flattering, easy to clean and wear, and does not attract pet hair.

Nursing bras – I have the soft night time ones but really, it doesn’t matter. My child does not patiently wait for fancy hooks to be undone when she wakes up hungry. I say skip, and just wear the same set you wore in late pregnancy during the daytime. Even when wearing nursing bras with hooks, I prefer to just push the fabric aside. An unhooked plastic piece seems to hang unsettlingly close to her delicate face and may get smooshed into her.

My favorite nursing bra is the Ingrid And Isabel Seamless Crossover Maternity Nursing Bra. I have at least five and wear them constantly.

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