Obvious. Pull bedding up, fluff pillows. Right?

A little trickier with one hand though, or with a baby to be entertained in the middle. At least with my little high needs girl, moving her around too many times can cause distress so I had to streamline this daily activity.

First, start with fitted sheet and flat sheet tucked in exactly where you want them. Then grab a permanent marker.

Go wild. It’s freeing to think that the flat sheet will always be covered by a blanket or comforter, so be as artsy as you like. The main goal is to outline exactly where the sheet should tuck into the bottom, and how it should lay on the sides. If you want to paint in the middle, go for it.

I outlined the corners and added lines up the sides where the sheet should lay at the top corners or edges of the mattress. I did this with one hand while holding baby, so my lines are terrible. But yours can be better if you feel like taking ten seconds instead of five.

It’s kind of fun, and it has made making the bed so much easier each day and once a week on laundry day. I put baby at the top with this guy, make the bottom and middle, then transfer them once to the middle of the bed to finish the top and fluff the pillows.

It goes without saying – watch baby at all times. These movers can quickly get into dangerous edge territory. But you know that because you are a fantastic, task juggling, super hero parent with or without a neat bed.