At 14-months old, my daughter loves the unexpected. I bought her fresh fruit like tomatoes, a kiwi, mango, apple, pear, green pepper, lemon, lime, and carrots. Her favorite item by far in her fruit bowl was the sticker on the kiwi. She played with it quietly for five minutes and tried to feed it to her stuffed panda.

Aside from measuring cups, cutting boards, lint rollers and her father’s shoe, her favorite toys at this age are the following.

Books – any and all with flaps or roughness to feel.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – this is still very much a favorite. She pushes this and anything else movable around our small home.

Blocks – Julia and her father play with these blocks every night. They build trucks to push around (with stuffed animal drivers), bracelets for Julia to put on each arm, and towers for crashing. They come in pink, but the colorful version seems so much more interesting to me.

Eggs – Julia loves these eggs. She has for months. They are probably the first thing I would buy someone with a one-year-old at this point.

Purse – I’m usually hesitant to give Julia toys designed just for girls but she really loves this thing. She carries it around putting things in and taking them out.


Chairs – my daughter loves small chairs. Rockers, beach. Anything she can crawl into and shimmy out of has her delighted approval. You can tell from her sweet smile she knows they are for her. Julia has the PBK Anywhere Chair, and she goes to it 15+ times a day for books, snacks, and hanging out. The PBK sales person advised me to keep it against a wall because toddlers like to climb all over and may fall off the back if possible. Julia likes to test the arms, but so far she stays put or climbs down appropriately. We chose fur because the other materials seemed to attract lint in the store. I cannot recommend this chair or any other pint-sized chairs enough for this age.