The Peek-A-Boo Forest book has been a long time favorite. Julia played with it at just a few months, and at nine months enjoys the peek-a-boo aspect. And the crinkle. The owl on the front crinkles like the pages and she can not get enough. (I’ve just realized there are more like it and will be ordering shortly.) The age range is six months plus, so hopefully this will entertain us for a while.

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Indestructible books are thin (i.e., good for travel). Julia loves the ones with faces and objects at nine months and is starting to show more interest in the animal ones. They are beautiful books. I recommend Baby Babble the most for infants.

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For really beautiful books, check out vehicles, and farm. They have bright colors against a stark background and raised and lowered sections to add interest. We have the books currently available and have pre-ordered the rest. They are captivating for both adults and infants. My personal favorite is vehicles. Oh and opposites. And farm. And colors!

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Julia has loved First 100 Words since she was just a few months old. I send a copy to all my new-parent friends. It’s mentioned in several places on this site because it’s a great toy as well. Julia sits quietly and lets me read the entire thing to her. We love this book and cannot recommend it highly enough, especially for the price.

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Little Owl’s Night is the sweetest. I loved it. I read it to Julia and found out that a peaceful, quiet sky turning from black to blue, blue to red, and red to gold was not in fact, on par with her sound and light activity table. Next time I’ll pick a better moment, or just continue reading it to myself while she plays. This book should win awards. It should be on every baby’s bookshelf.

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Another book beauty. A B See. The letters are raised and while they look too intricate for an infant, nine-month old Julia pauses to look at this one (this is rare). This book is great value for under $10.

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We read The Going To Bed Book at night and there are enough animals to keep Julia’s attention. She loves to hear their names. It’s a fun one and a good mix in between the artsy ones.

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The Mini Masters Box Set is fabulous! Maybe I’m building an art gallery for babies rather than an obvious infant book case but isn’t that even better? I think so. Each book has an easy-to-read poem and introduces readers to pictures of famous works of art. This reminds me of Tickle Tut’s toes, but I was disappointed to find that one has small parts and really isn’t suitable for someone under three years old.

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Julia will stop whatever she is doing and crawl over whenever I open peep through shapes book. There is no higher review. I have a hard time teaching her the shapes and colors because there are more than one of each visible on each page but she loves it. We play with it everyday. Unfortunately I can’t find it available anywhere online, but if you see it in a bookstore, I suggest getting it.

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The Bright Baby Colors ABC & Numbers book is big, and gives Julia a challenge just to see it all at once. She loves the size and looks at it from different angles during play.

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Our newest additions are more for me. Sort of like the art ones above. Hm. We are going to New York in a few months and I ordered New York: a book of colors. It’s so much better than I thought. It was a small gamble because there weren’t many reviews when I ordered. But it’s bright and clear. Julia and I have read it several times and I’m hoping to get the others in the series Paris: a book of shapes and London: a book of opposites.

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Alice in Wonderland. The baby book. Exists. And others do too like Les Miserables, Pride & Prejudice, and Midsummer Night’s Dream! They must be new – there aren’t many reviews at all. I really only like to order things that are top rated. I ordered Alice in Wonderland to check these books out, with a trigger-ready finger on the order button for the rest of them. I love theatre and classic books and I cannot wait to introduce them all to my baby daughter. Les Mes will be ordered by the end of the day. For sure. Secret Garden. Emma. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Romeo & Juliet. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Oh my!

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