Julia and I took a swim class for 9-12 month guppies at the YMCA. She got to feel the swish of the water as I moved her around in it, and we practiced swimming to toys, climbing out and jumping in. She loved walking around in the shallow end and kicking and splashing before and after.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was really so much better than I thought and worth the investment. Clingy Julia responded positively to being at arms length pulled through the water left and right, and I would never have tried it on my own.

I didn’t find a swim class packing list online so here is mine. I used both towels listed for Julia which was fine. By the time she was dry and dressed, I didn’t need one anymore.

Wear: swimsuit under your clothes


  • 2 baby swimsuits (always good to have a backup)
  • 1 adult swimsuit (backup)
  • Bra and undies for after class
  • 2 towels (hooded for baby if you have it)
  • Thin blanket (for locker room playtime so you can change clothes)
  • Toys
  • Outfit for baby (backup) unless already in carried-along diaper bag
  • Locker lock
  • Swim diapers (sizing: S 16-26 lbs; M 24-34 lbs; L more than 33 lbs)
  • Regular diapers
  • Plastic bags for wet clothes
  • Flip flops to walk around and shower after
  • Robe for baby (makes a great photo)
  • Hair tie (baby was all over my bag so I couldn’t pack)
  • Swim diaper cover (YMCA required – I purchased there)

I put easy beef stroganoff in the crock pot before leaving. Swim class was fun but exhausting for both Julia and I. We crashed that evening and I’m not sure I would have eaten dinner at all if hadn’t been sitting hot on the counter where I pour my wine.

The recipe is indulgent with canned soup, so it is not listed as a healthy meal on this site. It is easy though and delicious. Yum.