We bought all the bouncers. Fortunately not until Julia was born so we only had each one for a week or so.

I’d been certain before Julia’s birth that a bouncer to be used for only her first three months was unnecessary. I mean, I have arms right? Pish posh to a bouncer that takes space and money.

A few weeks into our new lives as parents, we went to Target. We bought several bouncers and brought them home. Julia screamed in all of them. We returned them.

When Julia turned one month old I turned to my husband and said I will pay any amount for something to help rock her to sleep. There must be something out there because I see pictures of kids all the time on Facebook playing happily in these things. Or at least not screaming.

We ordered the only top of the line bouncers we hadn’t tried. The 4Moms Rockaroo and Mamaroo were torture for Julia. She needed something much, much faster, so we were not excited for the motorless Babybjorn.

But the Babybjorn Bouncer worked! She sat in it everyday for ten minutes or so. It’s supposed to last a year, and so far is going strong for us at almost ten months. We bought the attachable toy that goes with it, and highly recommend this set for high needs babies. She even fell asleep in it once.

I’d suggest trying the Mamaroo for a few days. It really is awesome and you can change the speed or rocking motion from your smart phone. But if it doesn’t work, definitely check out the Babybjorn. It’s a better investment in the long run and you might even get in a daily shower because of it for the first year. This is pretty much my definition of success.