Babies in the first few months are so busy getting used to the world, they seem to ignore toys and books that require focus or agility. All the pretty Jellycat bunnies and hippos we bought are sitting on the bookshelf next to the poetry and Dr. Suess books I try to read to Julia. I was not prepared to address the needs of a newborn.

Fortunately we got this as a gift and it has been brilliant. It works when nothing else does and I go nowhere without it. It is in my Longchamp bag of goodies (burpy bib, baby cardigan, blanket and pacifiers) at all times. Buy it now.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether


Occasionally this works too and makes up in cuteness what it lacks in accomplishments: Jellycat Love You Pink Elly Rattle. Maybe at 18 I’ll stop trying to make Julia love Jellycat like me.


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