Storage Solutions

When it comes to buying children’s board books, my Amazon clicks outnumber the 1/2 inch spaces in our home, so they were beginning to stack up around the couch where we read to our daughter. A few books here and there were starting to feel like a gateway to toy takeovers, and so I started looking around for a hidden space and I found the best one yet in our Container Store model home.

In a fit of claustrophobia and urgency, I pulled the couch out a few inches (4.75) and piled up our IKEA dresser boxes we just purchased for our dressers. (Belt organization can wait.)

The books stack neatly out of sight behind the couch and the best part is that they are completely reachable by adults and toddlers. My husband and I get to start our cappuccino mornings in a clean living room, and my daughter gets to stand in our laps and choose her books to read with her morning yogurt. When finished, we throw the books behind the couch and begin our day. 

This should work for anyone who has a couch against a wall, and I love it so much I plan to duplicate this when we move to a bigger home in a few years. 

Storage solutions for bits of hardening playdoh, capless markers and half Easter eggs are still in infancy. 

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