How to Dye Easter Eggs with a Two-Year Old 

My daughter wasn’t taken with much about the Easter egg process. She didn’t care about boiling them, except to keep pointing at her mouth to ask “taste?”. She didn’t like the ones I gave her to try. 

She didn’t think dyes were fun but was determined to try the tablets, more so than I was apparently determined to stop her. So after a quick red lip stain, we got to work.

I gave her carrots for a snack for a funny photo op, which she preemptively poured into the blue dye. And then wanted to eat (um no). 

She liked when the eggs made big splashes and cracked when dropped into dye cups. And she thought waiting more than one second for them to soak was silly. 

Egg stickers were for knees, the floor and the cat. And she kept asking for her carrots back. 

All in all it was a disaster, and when she wanted to play Humpty Dumpty with the eggs at the end I decided this was her project and so that was fine. A week later I decorated the remaining ones myself before throwing them away. 

Would I do it again? Absolutely! She had fun, I laughed a lot and we got funny pictures out of it. 

Here are reminders for myself for the next kid at this age:

Tip #1: Be camera ready for each egg drop, dye splash, carrot dunk. 
Tip 2: Forget the kitchen whisk. It was way to big for our dye cups and my daughter wanted to get the egg out anyway. 

Tip 3: Decorate a few eggs appropriately. This gives you a sense of success, and gives the toddler a bonus project of deconstruction. 

Tip 4: Buy supplies on sale the next day to try again next year. We got Paas bunny whisks that are much more appropriately sized, and proper plastic dye cups. 

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