Surprise $6.99 A Day

A $6.99 item each day adds up to …  I’ll leave it to the Rubik’s cube solvers #DailyPostPhotoChallenge 

Bankruptcy must be spelled TOYS. Have they always been sold in post offices? 

Just like I’m surprised to suddenly notice playgrounds around town, my daughter’s toy radar has turned on. Stores are thoughtful and place beanie babies, etc. a foot or two off the ground for her and just this placement, earns them an extra $6.99 each time we come through. 

If 14-month-old Julia is indecisive or she doesn’t get much time with the toys for sale we move on with our $7 in tow. But if I take a long time to buy, build and ship a package and Julia carefully selects her new favorite elephant to carry around quietly, I consider the fee fair. 

The price range is a sweet spot for spontaneous buys. Moms feel like they are getting a decent item (cute stuffed animals, notebooks) and the price isn’t noticeable in addition to whatever’s already at the register. Everything that Julia is drawn to seems to cost under $10. 

It’s a fun game to play right now. She gets so excited and carries her new toys around all day. It’s an easy way to increase the happiness in the world, and Julia sweetly shared her new elephant with me yesterday. At least I hope that’s what she was communicating by leaving him in the kitchen spatula drawer. 

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