My husband and I had our first baby on April 1, 2015. We are lucky to work for a company that gives up to six months off, and we decided that while my husband would go back to work around 10 weeks, I would stay home the full six months with baby.

We had two months of parental leave together and celebrated each baby burp, went through the roller coaster of learning to put her to sleep by passing her back and forth with smiles of encouragement, and shared every moment of joy and a few of frustration. We are a serious parenting team.

One Monday morning at 8 am, my husband and I went to his job together. They threw him a welcome breakfast and everyone wanted to see the baby. We joked with his colleagues about her cute dress and getting her to fall sleep in the stroller on the walk home.

By 5:30 that evening our paths had forked from each other. We discovered, or at least I discovered this abruptly. My husband came home from work in his designer suit and sharp tie to a warm dinner and poured beverage. He talked about projects, contracts, bureaucracy, yada yada yada. He then asked about my day. I told him excitedly that it took me four tries to get Julia down for one of her naps, but eventually I did it! She slept! For 45 minutes!

We looked at each other and I could see the scene from above. When did I become the person whose most exciting moment (which was completely exciting but I guess you had to be there), was putting down a sleeping child. My husband was sweet and smiled at me. He went to change out of his business suit.

My new goal on top of playing with baby all day, cleaning the house and making dinner is finding a way to celebrate these successes without that cold-water realization that they sound just like yesterday’s stories. Because each one is exciting to me. My heart swells when I look at my daughter in a beautiful outfit sleeping soundly in her crib in the middle of the afternoon. She is warm, well fed, safe and oh-so loved. That is AWESOME.

Parenting has been funny so far in our 10 weeks, because as many times as I have felt strongly we are living fulfilled lives, I have looked around and noticed there are much easier ways to do things. Obvious ways that I somehow missed for long periods of my daughter’s life. This blog will highlight the lefts and rights of our happy adventures down the SAHM path.

If you are a parenting pro laugh with us and send advice, and if a newbie perhaps i can impart wisdom on the first few months. Either way grab your walking shoes and join us – we move fast around here.

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